Who are we?

Our main goals of the company is to provide quality workmanship and excellent service that meets and exceeds clients' expectations cost effectively within agreed time frames. We would also like to establish value-add partnerships with other businesses and maintain a presence in the industry, as well as build relationships with communities where we do business as part of our stakeholders group. The company wishes to build a portfolio of sustainable projects. To play an important part in the building industry we plan to review
and measure our growth and impact periodically, and always making sure that our business strategies are aligned with our objectives.

At Giant Electrical And Solar Solutions we implement our programme of work to ensure quality of workmanship and proper utilization of labour and material. We achieve this objective by using or training on best practices and methods to carry out the work, maintaining discipline, welfare and good leadership qualities. We offer valuable knowledge and experience, are punctual and always meet our deadlines before the time, ensure our quality of work is of a high standard, and maintain our work areas in a neat and tidy manner at all times. As electrical and solar solutions experts, our key drivers include quality, speed and efficiency, ensuring that all projects are completed flawlessly from start to finish. We are committed to providing our clients with the best possible service, and always maintain a “Standard of Excellence” that meets the needs of our valued clientele.


Giant Electrical And Solar Solutions is comprehensively faithful to working and improving great standards and awareness throughout the company and electrical and 
power supply industry as a whole.


We operate a strict Heath and Safety policy, which all
our operatives adhere to and are regularly reviewed by
our in-house consultant.

Risk Assessment

We assess the risks associated with our activities and
ensure that personnel are competent to carry out the
tasks assigned to them.

Our Ethics

Giant Electrical And Solar Solutions has placed company policies that are designed to ensure that we operate our business to meet and exceed the requirements of our customers, meets all legal requirements, and upholds Environmental and Health & Safety measures. Our measures promotes accountability and transparency throughout our transactions and interactions with both our clients and employees. We pride ourselves with authenticity.



Eliminate Electricity Bills. Stop Relying on Non-Renewable Resources. Gain Off-The- Grid Independence by Seizing the Opportunity to Harness the Sun's Energy and Make a Lasting Positive Impact on Our Planet.



To spread solar power to the rooftops of South Africa and ensure that customers get the most out of their solar power—the most energy generated, the most electricity savings, the most beneficial environmental impact, and the most joy each time they see a sunny day.



At Giant Electrical And Solar Solutions, we have a passion for delivering value to our clients. We treat our GESS team members, customers, partners and suppliers with mutual respect and sensetivity,
recognising the importance of diversity. We are committed to the highest level of intergrity
in every aspect of our business, while aiming to be the best in quality and in everything we do.


38 Essenwood Avenue
Kempton Park
Gauteng 1618

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  • Email: info@giantelectrical.co.za
  • Tel:+27791941241
  •  We provide associated electrical and solar services to the residential, commercial, industrial, agriculture, rural, game lodges, holiday resorts and schools